Sunday, June 4, 2017

Haines Junction / Da Ku Cultural Centre

We got off to an early start we drove around 100 miles today. We also seen a grizzly bear with 3 cubs with her of course from the window of the truck.  We are staying at fast gas which has rv parking not a bad place. Across the street we were told  the Da Ku Cultural Center was having a festival of Aboriginal Dance, Singing & Drumming and lunch was free the price was right. So after we were set up we all decided to check it out.
Lunch was great and potatoe soup,sandwiches and fruit. We got to see people sewing beads on shoes, making moccasins and jewelry. Everyone was so friendly we all had a great time. Entertainment went on for hours it was a beautiful day snow on the mountains in the back ground the weather was about 60 with a slight breeze. we took lots of pictures of the dancers to many to put on this blog, but beautiful.
DSCN1687 (2)DSCN1720DSCN1749 (2)DSCN1801DSCN1770

                                                         Skinner Back!!

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