Monday, July 10, 2017

Lots of rain and Road Construction

When we started the day we were going to Construction Bay however we ended up in Whitehorse, Alaska which is ok. I believe it rained all day so it was a gloomy day and road construction you know that makes for a   a long day on the road.  I sat in the truck and took pictures as we went down the road we seen a bull moose and a bear not to mention a sea gull on a dock. So we will put some up for you to see. We are staying at Pioneer-RV Park in Whitehorse and I believe we will be here a couple of days there's a couple museum we missed the 1st time around and Jan and I am ready for fresh haircuts. More tomorrow.

nice young bull

happy to be done for the day!!

Skinner Back !!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Back to Beaver Creek RV

Not much happening we left Tok, Ak this morning about 9:00 am and stopped for the night at Beaver Creek RV Park in the Yukon Territory. We only seen 2 animals today a young black lab and this big old black bird. When were all set up no TV so we sat around and played rummikub a little later Harry grilled steaks and Jan pulled out some baked beans and I made Macaroni and cheese and we had a great lunch. Oops Harry decided to bake some cookies in the Green Mountain Grill and they came out very good. Harry is now busy making a walking stick for himself and next thing we know a black lab dog wonder in our camp so we fed it, Boo seem to want it to go away or maybe she really wanted it to play with her I don't know for sure. Jan thought she would do a little cleaning on her rig she really go into there for a bit. More tomorrow.

some of the roads are pretty bad.

Good eat's

peek a boo'
Booboo said poke me with a fork i'm done!!

Skinner Back!!