Sunday, July 9, 2017

Back to Beaver Creek RV

Not much happening we left Tok, Ak this morning about 9:00 am and stopped for the night at Beaver Creek RV Park in the Yukon Territory. We only seen 2 animals today a young black lab and this big old black bird. When were all set up no TV so we sat around and played rummikub a little later Harry grilled steaks and Jan pulled out some baked beans and I made Macaroni and cheese and we had a great lunch. Oops Harry decided to bake some cookies in the Green Mountain Grill and they came out very good. Harry is now busy making a walking stick for himself and next thing we know a black lab dog wonder in our camp so we fed it, Boo seem to want it to go away or maybe she really wanted it to play with her I don't know for sure. Jan thought she would do a little cleaning on her rig she really go into there for a bit. More tomorrow.

some of the roads are pretty bad.

Good eat's

peek a boo'
Booboo said poke me with a fork i'm done!!

Skinner Back!!


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  1. I was giving that truck plenty of room, he was off the road before he got close to me.