Friday, June 2, 2017

Whitehorse 2nd day

We are in Whitehorse for the 2nd day I like it. I guess I am a city girl. Today we all jumped into the truck Harry took the wheel and off we went, 1st stop Yukon Visitor Information Center for parking pass and we were off to 2nd stop Yukon Transportation Museum. This place had aircrafts,train car and other RR items. Vehiclesl tlhat helped build wartime Alaska Highway. Really enjoyed the guided tour. Also seen tlhe world's largest weather vane it turns out to be a DC-3 passenger plane mounted on a pedestal at the Whitehorse International Airport.
Next door Yukon Beringia Interpretive Center where we quickly got to see a film on ice age woolly mammoths and more animals most impressvie for was demo on using arrows to hunt with back in ice age. Wow enough of museum for the day. It's ok there will be more tomarrow. Off to grocery store in Canada it's the Super Store it was great it had just about everything we needed and more. Bill & Jan and Harry and I are tired and hungry so back to Pioneer rv park. We will be up and at it in the morning to get a few more museum in, oh and fill our Explore's passport book with more stamps this is something the Yukon is doing to promote tourism.
I guess the ground was to cold for Boo Boo I looked out and seen she got on the table on her own.

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