Thursday, July 27, 2017

Back In The USA

We'er back! It's been awhile since I blogged I expect internet to be better back in the USA but truthfully its a gamble while traveling. Enough of that we have really been making tracks to get back to the border Sweetgrass, MT.We had a great time in Alaska and Canada and expect to go back in the future to see more. Thank you to the Loose Goosey group who we also traveled with, what a great time we all had. We arrived here 7/25 and Immediately started planning the where to now. Bill and Jan had plans to meet up with friends and family and Harry and I wanted to see more country so we parted ways for a couple weeks and the we will meet up again and go from there. We have pictures to highlight the past few days.

Harry liked this truck!

the guy that put this up told us it took two day's it's individual pices of wood

Booboo was trying to nap!
Skinner Back!!

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  1. I'll be watching you. So happy to make you acquaintance.