Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Lost in Minnesota

We left 8:00 am and drove to Albert Lea, MN but quickly changed our mind on staying there cause it was to far from freeway so ended up at Austin KOA which was right off the 90 interstate. First thing we met this couple which I don't remember there names were staying at the park. They have alot of illness going on her mother and her husband both terminal. They chatted a while, fun people gave us a run down on good places to eat and some history of Austin minnesota . Staying at this park was a get away for them. They recomended Trails which is a truck stop and it has also a great gift shop really nice and great food. After lunch we came back and played Rummikub when and another couple came by Doug and Cindy  they intruduced their self they seen our licence plates from Arizona. Turns out their from Springerville, Az. This is their first year out they invited to stop by their home anytime. Nice evening.
Today we were on the road at 7:00 am went for about 3 hours and stopped at Elk's set up and went for lunch and had checked out this place called Georges Chile that we seen on TV's  Diner,Drive-Ins and Dives. We will be back worth the stop. Fueled up and went back Elks Lodge where Harry grilled a couple of steaks for dinner and a put a salad together and we were great for dinner, More tomorrow.

real good chile we seen it on DDD

cheapst Diesel yet


Harry S Trumen

anyone for beans????

mmmm Lunch
poke me with a fork I'm done!!
Skinner Back!!

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