Friday, June 30, 2017

Denali Park

Woke up this morning to the phone ringing and it was Jan asking if Harry & I would like to go on the bus ride through Denali. We thought about and yes we were good with it so get ready and get BooBoo out for a long walk so she will be good here today. Great everyone is now ready about an hour later off to the park. When we got there 10:00 am bus was full so we bought tickets for 1:00 bus. So now we have a couple of hours to kill which is no problem there were shops and food places close by. In no time we were boarding the bus and on our way to the top of Denali. Pictures for you to see this is a beautiful  park. At the time none of us realized that this trip is going to be 9 hrs, not the 4 hrs that we thought we were getting. Trip was great the bus driver awesome very informative. When we were almost to the end of the ride we remembered BooBoo was at home way to long for our comfort or her's. Needless to say Harry put the peddle to the metal and we were on our way home. I am so excited to say BooBoo had no accidents and was happy to see us when we returned I had to take her out for a short run before she would relieve herself. It all turned out good for everyone, but this is the longest we have ever  leave her alone. Moving on to Anderson in the morning.

looks like Bill was chasing Jan

what a pair these two make

look's cold to me

this lady was chasing those two kids back and forth across the river walk made me tired watching her

this guy had the run of this place

road work

we caught this 1 sleeping

this is a big bear

45 miles from the exit to much for me


this is a Quilt

partners in crime

this guy was sleeping he pick his head up and looked to see what woke him up amd I miss the shot dang it

Skinner Back!! 


  1. Great News that Boo Boo didn't have any accidents. It shows she is getting used to the Lifestyle.
    The pictures show that you had a great time exploring Denali.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Glad you got to take the bus tour. It's the best way to see the park, especially for those of us who can't hike or ride bikes that far. Too bad you didn't see the whole mountain - only 3% of visitors do because the mountain makes its own weather by creating clouds.