Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Riverboat tour

Backing up here a bit.  Jan and I  started  the day doing laundry then played more rummikub with the guys. We were wanting a late lunch in preparations for riverboat ride at 6:30 pm. After lunch we went up the street to get some Pictures of Denali which had been suggested by the tour ladies when we purchased Riverboat tickets. Some will be added for you to see. So when we got back we took longer and expected so we had to get ready fast. On the road in plenty of time hum even a little early. Tour was great and tour guide was very well informed about fish in the river and the diffrent species. We seen a bald eagle and we took a stroll to see a mock village along the river. We got back late as the cruise lasted longer a little longer than we expected.
Then this morning Harry and I went to town to take care of a few things and pick up a few things in Palmer,AZ. Yep we just came from there we just didn't take care of everything. We did get back to meet Bill & Jan for lunch/dinner at Trapper RV Park. Tomorrow we move on down the road.
this is Denali.

gorge at base of  Denali !

Booboo said I'm tired and need some water NOW.

here is the boat we went out on.

this Eagle was on a island about 1/4 mile from the boat.

when this cabin was built it was 75 yards from the river most of the erosion to the bank was caused by Ice.

Salmon will head up and over the rocks in this small inlet during the spawn !

Eagles  nest.

old black bear skin..

outlawed bear trap.

some kind of trap.
back under the trussel to the dock!

Skinner Back!!

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