Saturday, June 10, 2017


Got up early for us that is 7:00 am and started getting everything pulled together after an hour or so we were ready to leave. We are listening to audio books as we go down the road and it's
 very relaxing and makes the ride seem shorter, The scenery today is just stunnig I have to say pictures just don't do justice, but we still take pictures as you will see. We arrived about 2:00 and are staying at Big Bear for a couple of days then we will bump our heads together and come up with a new plan. Soon after setting up we jumped in the truck and went looking for post office for stamps and next a Walmart. It is sooo much nicer shopping in the good old USA. The shelves are full and everything I want is right at hand it all looks familiar. So now that we have dragged Bill & Jan all over it's time to look for dinner perferably a fish fry. After taking Harry this way and that way we decide to go across town to check out the ELK's lodge they might have a fish fry and just maybe we can stay there for a couple of days. Bingo we can get fish and other foods and it looks very nice. Beautiful view from dinning room right off the lake. We all left very satisfied. Back to the Big Bear RV Park to put our heads to gether for tomorrow after the Palmer Parade.

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