Saturday, June 24, 2017

Alaska Scottish Highland Games

The day we have been waiting for the Alaska Scottish Highland games is here. We went with Bill,Jan and Glen,Marsha weather is looking great at high of 68 degrees for the day. There was lots of food venders craft booths children's amusements . There was  a high percentage of the men who wore kilts there were celtic dancers we watched heavy hammer events weight for height events. this was shaping up to be very interesting day. Events were stretched out for a bit so after a while we decided to go get lunch at the Noisy Goose and sit down for a while. Lunch was great we really went to check out the pie and we did leave with lemon cream cheese pie and so delicious. Ok time to get back to the highland games across the street. Weather is still holding up stayed till about a couple more hours. We headed back so we could start making plans for tomorrow when we leave the Elk's Lodge. When we got back there was an event going on at the lodge for the handicap or special needs they had these kids on boats, jet ski's and kayaks they looked they were having the best time. What a great day everyone seemed to be having the best time.

these lady's did a good job dancing.

colors of the Clans

this was going on when we got back to the Elk's Lodge

look's like they were having a lot of fun

Carlena and Booboo had a long day .

Skinner Back!!

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