Wednesday, June 21, 2017


The day started out beautiful no rain yes. Our first stop Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Museum where we started with a video on the dogs and how they are trained and cared for.  What a great find this is so intresting next we stepped outside and go for a ride on the sled. Moving on we tried the Museum of Alaska Transportation & Industry we arrived and decided nope we didn't think this place would hold our attention so we moved on. We found a Farmers Market some produce and handcrafted items weather was beautiful and just being outside was great.Our final stop Wal-mart for a few items that were needed. And back to the rigs to make arrangments for 3 more nights we will be leaving Sunday morning.


carlena said no puppy's
Jan was so excited all you could hear was whoopy..
these dogs kept jerking the sled that's how ready they were to go.
on the way home Jan seen an Arbys so we had to stop for a Orange/cream milk shake!!
Skinner Back!!

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