Friday, June 23, 2017

Reindeer In Palmer,AK

We made plans to meet 2 couples at the Reindeer Farm at 10:00 so Bill & Jan and Harry and myself jumped in the truck and headed down the road. Of course the weather is not working with us, rain and clouds all around us. I thought the tour would be canceled silly me and the others told me not a chance of that happening. I have to say tour guide very informative and we were all glad we did the tour. Some pictures for you to see. Next lunch out with our new friends they came from Florida Roger & Sharon and Robin & Janice we had a great time over lunch. We decided to cut the day short because of the rain it was so messy.

and they call me a red neck look at her sexy boots

caribous hoofs open up so they can walk on top of the snow

have a good night xoxoxoxoxox

Skinner Back!!

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